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Observation Deck

Flags Over Texas

A visit to the Tower of the Americas wouldn't be complete without a stop at the Flags Over Texas Observation Deck, which offers mesmerizing views of the city below. Photographs on the deck's floor pinpoint landmarks to help visitors identify their surroundings, and historic photos provide wonderful discussion points to enhance your experience.

Here, you can also learn about the history of the six flags that once flew over Texas from captivating murals that line the walls. Read about Mexico's attack at the Alamo, French explorer Louis St. Denis' mapping of the Camino Real Trail, Spain's domination of Texas for more than 300 years and much more.

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4D Theater

Skies Over Texas 4D Theater Ride

Included in the price of a Tower Ticket.

The Skies Over Texas is a sophisticated ride that takes visitors on a high-flying trip across the Lone Star State. The 4D theater ride zooms in on such scenes as a Friday-night high school football game, working up-close-and-personal with a space shuttle at NASA and more.

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When the last blue macaws on Earth, Blu and Jewel, are captured and chased by evil cockatoo Nigel, they must work together despite Blu’s inability to fly. This unexpected duo takes you on a thrilling 4-D journey through Rio de Janeiro, finding courage, friendship and maybe even love along the way.

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Guests will slip, slide, and soar with our sub-zero heroes in this 14-minute experience. Manny, Ellie, and Diego venture into a mysterious underground world after Sid the sloth stumbles across three abandoned eggs and decides to raise the baby dinosaurs as his own.

The Gift Shop

Located at the base of the tower, our expansive gift shop offers a unique selection of novelty gifts, toys, headwear and apparel to take home as a remembrance of your trip to the top of the Tower.

In addition to distinctive Texana merchandise, you will find souvenirs of San Antonio and the Tower of the Americas.

On your visit to the Observation Tower, take a moment to have your photo taken in a unique San Antonio backdrop and have it ready to pick up when you depart.

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